Research on co-teaching is very clear that co-planning is the most important element for successful differentiation. That said, however, co-teachers have also reported difficulty in finding the time needed for true co-planning to occur. In the spirit of collaboration, co-teachers throughout the nation who have participated in trainings have agreed to have the lesson plans they created uploaded onto this free database. In addition, Dr. Wendy Murawski and Ms. Ilona Merrit of California State University, Northridge have collaborated to ensure that lessons posted here demonstrate quality co-planned and differentiated lessons for K-12 teachers. We encourage co-teachers to download lessons that may appeal to them, and ask co-teachers to share their own lessons with us.

Free Lesson Plan Template

Click the button on the right to download a copy of the co-teaching lesson planning format. Co-teachers are encouraged to share their own co-planned lessons by emailing them to: