2 Teach, LLC has a variety of opportunities available to meet the needs of educational professionals and paraprofessionals of all levels. These workshops are the heart of 2 Teach, and are conducted by engaging presenters who establish credibility by sharing experiences from their own co-taught classrooms. Participants will leave with shared vocabularies, practical strategies, and materials that reflect best practices in co-teaching and other inclusive practices. These workshops allow schools to achieve new levels of excellence in their co-taught environments.

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Presentation Handouts

To Download a PDF of Leading the Co-Teaching Dance by Murawski & Dieker, click here.
To Download a PDF of The Role of the Special Educator in Co-Teaching by Murawski, click here.

Helpful Handouts by Dr. Murawski

To Download a PDF of the SHARE worksheet, click here.
To Download a PDF of the Co-Teaching Approaches Worksheet, click here.
To Download a PDF of the Sample Observation Report, click here.
To Download a PDF of the Do's and Don'ts of Co-Teaching, click here.

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