Professional Learning Options

Professional Development

Imagine having two experts on co-teaching model it for your teachers while teaching about co-teaching & differentiation! All of our associates can present solo or co-teach for any size audience. We will match your needs with our presenters and always promise practical, strategy-based PD that will engage and motivate your group. 

Onsite Co-Teaching Observations

We want to ensure that teachers feel supported as they move forward in inclusive practices. We will observe classes, coach teachers, and give numerous strategies & positive feedback. Each observation comes with a thorough CTSS report.

Virtual Training & Webinars

Keep the focus on co-teaching and differentiation through the school year!  We can share pre-recorded brief webinars to show during faculty meetings, do live webinars to cut down on travel expenses, or even customize our webinars to your needs.


CTIME is a continuous improvement model designed to help schools and co-teaching teams analyze data to determine how to improve practices.  Our associates walk Districts and Schools through this "No Fail" process.


Check out the ONLY web-based software designed specifically for co-teaching. Using any platform, administrators, researchers, and other specialists can schedule & email teams, observe co-teaching in action, quickly input data, and have reports in minutes! Based on the highly acclaimed co-teaching core competencies.  Track and monitor co-teaching effectiveness with an easy to use observation tool.             

District/Administrative Training & Support

Whether you are 1 administrator or a District of Administrators, 2Teach LLC is ready to provide Administrators with the tools they need to support the implementation of co-teaching in their schools or District.