2 TEACH is an educational consulting company dedicated to providing practical, innovative and research-based strategies to improve instruction in today's inclusive PreK-12 classrooms. Today's schools are recognizing that different strategies are needed to address the current diversity that exists in classrooms. Professional development is a critical component to ensuring that teachers, staff and administrators are prepared for these challenges and have the right attitude, knowledge, and skills.

One of the ways that schools are increasingly using to address the needs of students with and without special needs in the general education classroom is through co-teaching. Co-teaching involves having a general education teacher and special service provider (e.g., special education teacher, Title I teacher, speech/language pathologist) sharing in the planning, instruction, and assessment to ensure student success. All 2 TEACH presenters have an extensive knowledge of co-teaching. In addition, every 2 TEACH instructor uses the same research-based and field-tested materials and presentation developed by Dr. Wendy Murawski, to ensure consistency, high standards, and above all, a positive teacher/administrator response. Dr. Murawski is a national expert in the area of co-teaching and has worked for years with the needs of schools, districts, state departments and other entities interested in training on co-teaching.

Every presentation is designed to engage learners, present cutting edge best practices in a format that is teacher-friendly, and ensure that the strategies and information presented are both innovative and practical. We have professionals able to consult in the following areas:

Thank you for your interest in having 2 TEACH, LLC conduct staff development with your school, district or state in the area of inclusion, co-teaching and collaboration. We have worked with a variety of educational groups, of all sizes and with a variety of needs.

Again, we thank you for your interest and hope that you will contact us to discuss the possibility of our collaboration. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

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