Meet Our Associates

Dr. Tamarah Ashton


Dr. Philip Bernhardt

 Dr. Philip E. Bernhardt is Associate Professor of Secondary Education. His professional development interests and expertise include co-teaching , backwards design, performance assessment, effective instructional practices, new teacher mentoring and induction, and supporting middle and high schools establish course placement norms to help students access advanced-level coursework. 

Dr. Linda Hutchinson

 Linda specializes in Inquiry-based / constructivist teaching that works. Yes, it works with all learners whether they say and think they want to learn or not. If the students are in high achieving schools or in low achieving schools with high levels of poverty, kids will learn and end up loving their learning.  

Amy Kramer


Elia Mahoney

 Elia Mahoney completed her educational specialist credential with an emphasis in Mild/Moderate disabilities from Cal State University, Northridge. She followed this with her Masters degree and National Board Certification in this focus area as well. Throughout her years as a teacher, Mrs. Mahoney has come to be valued for a range of expertise, particularly with full inclusion and integration of students with moderate to severe disabilities.  

Michelle Moore


Dr. Sarah Nagro

 Dr. Sarah Nagro is an assistant professor at George Mason University in the Division of Special Education and Disabilities Research where her research focuses on determining best practices for special education teacher education and her teaching focuses on methods for teaching reading and math to student with disabilities accessing the general curriculum.  

Dr. Leila Ricci


Leila Ansari Ricci, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Mild/Moderate Disabilities Program of the Division of Special Education and Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles.

Dr. Ricci has researched, written, and presented on the topics of emergent literacy, reading, mentoring novice special education teachers, and collaboration/co-teaching between general and special educators.

Wendy W. Lochner

 Former special education teacher with years of experience in the co-taught classroom.  Co-author of the best seller, Beyond Co-Teaching Basics.  She specializes utilizing co-teaching as part of a school improvement model. This includes continous improvement processes and strategic planning.