Meet Our Associates

Dr. Tamarah Ashton


 Dr. Ashton serves as an Associate Editor of Assistive Technology for the Journal of Special Education Technology, The California Council for Exceptional Children presented her with the 2000-2002 Exemplary Special Educator Award. Dr. Ashton is a frequent speaker on special education topics most recently presenting for the International Conference of the Council for Learning Disabilities, the International Conference of the Learning Disabilities Association of America, and the Annual Conference of the Council for Exceptional Children. She has also published articles in the Journal of Educational Computing Research, The Successful Professor, Diagnostique, Special Education Technology Practice, and Teaching Exceptional Children. 

Dr. Philip Bernhardt


  Dr. Barnhardt is a professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He teaches courses in assessment, educational research, instructional design and classroom management.  His professional development interests and expertise include co-teaching , backwards design, performance assessment, effective instructional practices, new teacher mentoring and induction, and supporting middle and high schools establish course placement norms to help students access advanced-level coursework. 

Dr. Brooke Blanks


  Dr. Brooke Blanks is an Associate Professor of Special Education in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at Radford University.  She teaches assessment courses and supervises student teachers. Dr. Blanks’s research interests focus on building capacity for collaborative practice in inclusive rural classrooms with competency-based professional development. She is co-PI on Project ASSET at the IMPACT lab at Radford University. 

Dr. Lauren Delisio



Lauren A. Delisio completed her Ph.D. in Exceptional Student Education at the University of Central Florida in August 2015. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Rider University. She is also a former elementary school teacher, with experience in general education, inclusive, and self-contained settings. 

Marty Eisen


 Marty Eisen is a Special Educator and Co-teaching Instructional Specialist at Granada Hills Charter High School. Marty is currently co-teaching at Granada and has been for the past 12 years. He is currently co-teaching the subjects of Physics and Biology, but has co-taught the subjects of Earth Science and Algebra. Marty is currently the acting Co-teaching Coordinator at Granada and helped Granada’s Co-teaching group implement the CTIME process and earn the California Gold Ribbon in May of 2017. 

Dr. Soraya Fallah




Dr. Soraya Fallah is a graduate scholar from California State University Northridge (CSUN). She studied Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Fallah’s research is “Giving voice to an invisible population: The experiences of families of students with disabilities from the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia (MENASWA) in the United States special education system”. 

Dr. Kelly Brooksher



Dr. Kelly Brooksher is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary & Special Education at Georgia Southern University. Her diverse background includes K-8 experience in both general and special education classrooms as well as leadership roles as a teacher and administrator.  Her research interests include: co-teaching, grading & assessment, and higher-order thinking strategies. 

Dr. Jennifer J. Huber


 Dr. Jennifer Huber (Jeni) has been teaching since 1989, beginning in early childhood education, moving into elementary general education, and eventually moving into her true passion of teaching in special education and inclusive settings.  Her skills and expertise in working with students with disabilities spans grade levels preschool through high school and settings from self-contained to inclusive and cotaught classrooms.  Currently, Jeni is an assistant professor at Northern Arizona University preparing dual certification students to be future teachers in inclusive settings.  


Cristina Gullov



Assistant Professor, MA (ED) in Educational Psychology, University College South, 6705 Esbjerg, Denmark 

Dr. Amy Hanreddy


Dr. Hanreddy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education at California State University and is particularly interested in strategies that allow students with significant disabilities access to meaningful instruction in academic (core) content in the context of typical (general education) settings. Dr. Hanreddy has taught as a special education teacher in a traditional school district and at CHIME Charter School, a fully inclusive nationally recognized school, where she has also served as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and as the Interim Executive Director. 

Dr. Brittany Hott


 Dr. Brittany L. Hott has 20 years of experience serving in a variety of capacities including special education teacher, school administrator, district instructional specialist, and most recently in higher education preparing special education teachers. Her interests include assessment and school-based interventions. Brittany enjoys ultra running and is a multiple Ironman finisher.  

Dr. Claire Hughes


 Dr. Claire E. Hughes-Lynch is the Faculty Director of Special Educational Needs and Inclusion in the School of Childhood and Education Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK.

Dr. Linda Hutchinson


 Linda specializes in Inquiry-based / constructivist teaching that works. Yes, it works with all learners whether they say and think they want to learn or not. If the students are in high achieving schools or in low achieving schools with high levels of poverty, kids will learn and end up loving their learning.    

Amy Kramer


Amy has been in education for 14 years.  Upon graduating with a degree in Early Childhood Education she held instructional and leadership positions.  She started out as a 1st and 2nd-grade teacher, moved on to be an assistant principal, then a principal,  and adjunct instructor at Bowling Green State University where she taught courses in the Inclusive Early Childhood program and the School of Intervention Services.  Currently, she is a Special Education Supervisor and Curriculum Consultant.  After spending  8 years in the administrative realm and earning her Masters in Administration and her Intervention Specialist licensure she decided to pursue her doctorate in Leadership Studies where she is currently in the last phase of completing her dissertation on co-teaching.     

Elia Mahoney



  Elia Mahoney completed her educational specialist credential with an emphasis in Mild/Moderate disabilities from Cal State University, Northridge. She followed this with her Masters degree and National Board Certification in this focus area as well. Throughout her years as a teacher, Mrs. Mahoney has come to be valued for a range of expertise, particularly with full inclusion and integration of students with moderate to severe disabilities.     

Rebecca Mieliwocki


Rebecca Mieliwocki is the 2012 National & California Teacher of the Year with over 20 years experience teaching middle school English. Given the crystal apple for teaching excellence by President Barack Obama in the White House, Rebecca believes there is no more important role than that of teacher.  Currently working as a coordinator of teacher induction and professional development for Burbank Unified School District, Rebecca’s areas of expertise and corresponding workshop presentations include classroom management, student-centered & social-emotional learning, growth mindset, project-based learning, using assessment to guide instruction, PLCs, growing teacher leaders, Genius Hour and Other Outrageous Projects, questioning strategies, and cognitive rigor.  

Dr. Belinda Mitchell



Dr. Belinda B. Mitchell is associate professor of education in the Department of Education at Shepherd University. Dr. Mitchell is a certified Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) professional developer and has provided many different professional development topics/sessions in various states including West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Nebraska, Florida and Colorado. At Shepherd University, Dr. Mitchell has taught various courses both undergraduate and graduate in Special Education. She has also served in various administrative roles while at Shepherd. Her research interests are response to intervention (RTI), the role of the special educator and learning strategies for students with a learning disability. She especially enjoys providing professional development for in-service teachers and helping teachers practically apply their new knowledge in their classrooms.

Dr. Sarah Nagro


  Dr. Sarah Nagro is an assistant professor at George Mason University in the Division of Special Education and Disabilities Research where her research focuses on determining best practices for special education teacher education and her teaching focuses on methods for teaching reading and math to student with disabilities accessing the general curriculum.    

Dr. Ruby Owiny


 Assistant Professor of Education Trinity International University.  Dr. Ruby L. Owiny holds a Ph.D. in special education personnel preparation. She taught in elementary, as a general and special educator. Ruby specializes in best practices for inclusive settings, Universal Design for Learning, co-teaching, and evidence-based practices for increasing achievement for students with disabilities. 

Dr. Leila Ricci


 Leila Ansari Ricci, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Mild/Moderate Disabilities Program of the Division of Special Education and Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles 

Dr. Jacqueline Rodriguez


Dr.  Rodriquez is an Assistant Professor at the College of William and Mary.    

She specializes in the areas of Inclusive  Education, Culturally Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners, Learning  Disabilities, Simulation in Teacher Preparation, Domestic Education Policy, Global  Policy and Practice in Special Needs Education.

Dr. Barbara Serianni


 Dr. Barbara Serianni is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Georgia Southern’s Armstrong campus in Savannah, GA. Her research interests include inclusive practices, students with EBD/ASD, and STEM integration. Her professional development interests include improving special education teacher preparation, inclusion models, differentiation, Response to Intervention, behavioral interventions and support (FBA/BIP, PBIS), special education law, effective practices for students with high functioning ASD and gifted, and supporting mathematics instruction for below grade level learners.   

Dr. Jamie True-Daly


 Jaime True Daley is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the University of Delaware, specializing in special education. Dr. Daley teaches graduate students pursuing a Master’s degree in Education concentrating on Exceptional Children and Youth. Her classes train teachers to implement evidence-based collaborative practices, behavior techniques and interventions, literacy and math specially designed instruction, and advocacy. She is especially interested in advocating for and providing support to schools, teachers, and students with culturally and linguistically diverse needs in under-served communities. Prior to joining 2 Teach, she enjoyed experiences teaching students at all pre-K through 12th grade levels in various school settings, from juvenile justice institutions to fully-inclusive, co-taught classrooms. She achieved a Teacher of the Year Award and National Board Certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist, which led to becoming a consultant, administrator, and professional developer. As a research fellow, she earned her Doctoral degree in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University in 2016. 

Dr. Jennifer Walker


  Jennifer Walker is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at the University of Mary Washington. She is passionate about classroom management, positive behavioral intervention supports (PBIS), students with emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD), and social skill instruction. She enjoys working with general and special educators on solving classroom management challenges. 

Wendy Whitehair Lochner


  Former special education teacher with years of experience in the co-taught classroom.  Co-author of the best seller, Beyond Co-Teaching Basics.  She specializes utilizing co-teaching as part of a school improvement model. This includes continous improvement processes and strategic planning.  

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