Co-teaching needs assessment


Take a Quick Needs Assessment on your Co-Teaching Implementation


How would you rate your overall co-teaching experience?

_____Love it    _____Like It     _____It’s OK     _____Not fond of it      ______Hate It

How long have you been co-teaching?


Do you know, understand and implement the components of co-teaching (Co-plan, Co-Instruct, Co-Assess) ?

      _____Yes         _____No

Do you know and understand the co-teaching core competencies? If so, how would you rate your mastery level of those competencies?

     _____Yes          _____No        Rating:_______________

(0-Very Low; 1-Below Avg; 2-Average; 3-Above Avg; 4-Mastery)

Based on questions 1 – 3, your greatest need for assistance in co-teaching:


_____Observing co-teaching

_____Starting professional learning communities to support our initiative

_____Co-planning process

_____Parent/Family communication

_____Administrative support for co-teaching

Professional Development

_____Clear Co-teaching expectations for All

_____Assessment in the co-taught classroom

_____Co-teaching strategies and approaches

_____Behavior management

_____Communicating with my co-teacher

Best Practices

_____Providing instruction in the co-taught classroom

_____Differentiated instruction

_____Universal design for learning

_____Formative assessment

_____Use of technology